The ADRIATIC 5 portable water softeners are portable equipment that can be used to remove water hardness.

The systems integrate a water softener with a manual control valve for the work, rinse and regeneration phases, a carbon block pre-filtration cartridge and a cartridge with HS-EasyBRINE salt for easy regeneration.
The ADRIATIC 5 provide 5 micron filtration for a clearer water;
Dechlorination with elimination of flavours, unpleasant odours and dangerous substances. The ADRIATIC 5 water softener filters are produced using materials resistant to salt corrosion and therefore indicated for use in the maritime environment and in contexts that require reintegration of softened water into closed circuits and heating systems.


Adriatic 5
Portable water softeners for home and hobby uses
Control valve: NORYL
Frame: painted aluminium/stainless AISI 316 L
Weight: 10 kg
Resin tank: reinforced polyethylene using glass fibres
Brine: polystyrene cartridge HS-EasyBRINE with NaCl
Softening material: strong cationic ionic exchange resin
Filtering and dechlorination medium: activated carbon block cartridge CB-EC
Filter housings: reinforced polypropylene, PET
Maximum operating temperature: 50°C (122° F)
Maximum operating temperature: 6 bar (87 psi)
Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
Water hardness removal
No electrical power supply
Easy to use and practical
Easy maintenance
Corrosion resistant materials, even in maritime environments