Big F Pro

Big F Pro is the perfect system for sediment filtration and reduction of bacteria. Easy to install, Big F Pro presents two stage filtrations with UV treatment.

Thanks to its special configuration, Big F Pro removes sediments and its UV-C treatment physically disinfects water and inactivates microorganisms. Suitable for various sectors, Big F Pro can be used in the outdoor installation for rain water treatment, well water treatment, mains water treatment, HO.RE.CA water treatment and other applications that need water filtration and disinfection.

Other great advantages that Big F Pro presents are the reversible inlet/outlet, lamp countdown and failure alarm, strong zinc plated and varnished cover to protect the UV controller. The upper lid is lockable to prevent from tamper and to be childproof and it is conceived to protect from harsh climate. Version for the removal of Chlorine, bad taste and Odor through an High Adsorption carbon block is also available on demand.


Big F Pro 267
Big F Pro 256
Big F Pro 156
2 Stage filtration system with UV treatment
Available models: 156 / 265 / 267
Filtration stage 1: 20 micron
Filtration stage 2: 1 micron
Inlet/Outlet size: 1”
Max working temperature: 45°C
Max flow rate - model 156: 54 l/m (40 mJ/cm2) – 70 l/m (30 mJ/cm2) / model 256: 54 l/m (40 mJ/cm2) – 70 l/m (30 mJ/cm2) / model 267: 72 l/m (40 mJ/cm2) – 95 l/m (30 mJ/cm2)
Total consumption: 61 W / 61 W / 73 W
Metal frame: varnished galvanized steel with key lock
UVC transmittance: 95% - 1 cm2
UV reactor material: Stainless steel 304
UV reactor connections: thread 1” M
UV reactor max working pressure: 8,3 bar
UV lamp lifespan: 9000 hrs
UV lamp power: model 156: 56 W / model 256: 56 W / model 267: 67 W
UV lamp type: HO low pressure
Control panel dimension: 218 x 113 x 60 mm
Dimension model 156: 722 x 205 x 790 mm
Dimension model 256: 722 x 205 x 806 mm
Dimension model 267: 722 x 205 x 870 mm
Sediment filtration
Bacteria and viruses reduction
Rain Water treatment
Well water treatment
Mains water treatment
Ho.Re.Ca water treatment
Reversible inlet/outlet
Lockable lid
Protective lid for harsh climate
Lamp countdown
Failure alarm