The above sink tap water filters DEPURAL are movable home devices that can the transferred, assembled and installed easily on any sink, without requiring professional help.

Associated to a wide range of cartridges, they can resolve point of use problems such as the presence of odours, flavours, and bacterial charge to be removed and, in general, favouring water quality improvement.
The housings for above-sink movable filters are present on the market in Single and DUPLEX version with a standard base that gives it maximum stability, installation kit and universal adaptor to connect to all types of taps.
The home use potable water filters DEPURAL, single or double, are used with cartridges SX with standard flat gaskets (DOE) and 10” height.
They were developed and designed using materials that are suitable for contact with water destined to human consumption, corrosion resistant.
Atlas Filtri continually invests continually in excellent product quality thanks to focused tests and international certifications.


Point-of-use counter-top water filter housing
Models single and DUPLEX
Cartridge SX (DOE)
Head: polypropylene
Bowl: polystyrene
Transparent Bowl TS
Cartridge height: 10”
Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (113° F)
Maximum operating pressure: 3 bar (43 psi)
Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
Tap water filtration
Easy and quick installation with the universal connection kit
Design suitable for different sinks and taps
Wide range of accessories

Accessories on demand

- NV- spanner
-D- wall bracket
Kit for Depural with diverter valve
-LUBRIKIT- lubricant for housing o-ring


Discover our compatible cartridges and ensure efficient filtration and treatment!
sediments filter cartridges
  • Filtration in depth
    Mechanism through which sediments are trapped both inside the matrix and on the surface of the filter device.
    • Wound polypropylene thread FA SX
    • Melt-blown polypropylene smooth CPP SX
    • Ceramic AB SX
    • Pleated polypropylene - borosilicate AC SX
water treatment cartridges
  • Granular Activated Carbon
    Reduction of chlorine, taste, odour, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, insecticides, chlorinated organic compounds
    • Granular activated carbon LA SX
    • Melt-blown polypropylene thread and granular activated carbon BT CPP LA SX
  • Activated carbon block
    Reduction of chlorine, taste, odour, volatile organic compounds pesticides, insecticides, chlorinated organic compounds , heavy metals, bacteria and virus