The HYDRA BIG self-cleaning filter with backwash system gives the system maximum protection thanks to its high-level performance.

Cleaning operations are carried out manually by the valve at the filter bottom opening up: in just a few seconds, the reverse flow of the water ejects all the impurities deposited on the cartridge surface, restoring the filter to its initial conditions.

The effectiveness of the self-cleaning process is guaranteed by the special anti-backflow device which prevents water from going back to the filter.

HYDRA BIG is equipped with two special washable filtering cartridges: RAH BIG (stainless steel mesh) and RLH BIG (polyester mesh), both available with a filtration degree of 50 and 90 microns.

The maximum flow rate goes from 6000 l/h with 1” models to 15000 l/h with 1”1/2 models (from 26 to 66 gpm).

Available 1” and 1”1/2 versions with BSPP and NPT plastic connections and 1” versions with BSPP and NPT-Lead Free brass connections.

Versions available with two pressure gauges.


Suitable for RAH BIG and RLH BIG cartridges
1” and 1”1/2 IN/OUT connections in BSPP and NPT plastic
1” IN/OUT connections in BSPP and NPT-Lead Free brass connections
Head: reinforced polypropylene
Bowl: PET
O-ring: silicone.
Drain ball valve for self-cleaning
Equipped with prevention device from pollution by backflow
M models with two pressure gauges
1” versions maximum flow rate: 6000 l/h (26 gpm)
1”1/2 versions maximum flow rate: 15000 l/h (66 gpm)
Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (113° F)
Maximum operating pressure: 8.3 bar (120 psi)
Minimum operating pressure: 1.8 bar (26 psi)
Minimum flow rate for an effective backwash: 2000 l/h (RAH BIG), 2400 l/h (RLH BIG)
Selected materials, suitable for use with potable water
Equipped with cartridges with different filtration degrees
Washable and reusable cartridges
Wide filtering surface of the cartridges
Resistant to high flow rates
Sturdy and durable thanks to the high quality of the materials
The pressure gauges supply a complete control of the pressures

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