LA Big is a water treatment cartridge consisting of a transparent PET container and granular activated carbon obtained from coconut shells.

Suitable for domestic and technical use, LA Big effectively reduces chlorine, unpleasant odours and flavours and removes organic volatile compounds. Compatible with DP BIG housings, the LA Big cartridge has a 4.50" outer diameter and is available in 10" and 20" heights.


Big filter cartridge containing granular active carbon
Reduction of chlorine, unpleasant odours and flavours (CTO) and removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
PET container
compliant with contact with drinking water
max working temperature: 45°C (113°F
min working temperature: 4°C (39.2°F)
available heights: 10” or 20”
compatible with DP BIG housings
LA-Ag Big version with silver available (silver-treated carbon, bacteriostatic effect)
selected, high quality materials suitable for contact with drinking water
parts screwed without glue
perfect transparency of the container for control of the filter material
sustainable: refillable and reusable container