Our commitment as leading company in filtration goes beyond the industrial process. At Atlas Filtri in fact we are dedicated to a culture of improving and ensuring water throughout the world. We are active members of:

  • Associazione Aqua Italia (Italy Water Association), Member of Aqua Europa (Europe Water) that brings together industries and related parties and connects them to national bodies and regulatory authorities responsible for controlling water quality
  • WQA - Water Quality Association, Organisation based in the USA, which brings together the industry at a worldwide level, responsible for research and development for the sector and product certification
  • IWA - International Water Association, worldwide association that brings together experts, researchers and the industry making up the largest knowledge context for this sector.
  • AfWA - African Water Association, association for the knowledge development regarding availability and quality of water in Africa, bringing together governments, managers, researchers and the industry.
  • Ribesnest, a Regional Innovation Network that conects many of the most important organizations in Veneto Region. The vision of the partnership is science based, making scientific research essential.