P BIG empty water cartridges are perfect for use with different types of filter media to get the most out of water filtration and treatment. Resins, polyphosphate, activated carbon - just choose the filling material that best suits your needs.

Made in Italy with the best materials, the empty P BIG cartridges are perfectly transparent and durable thanks to the PET used in their production. P BIG are available in 10" and 20" heights and are safe for use with drinking water. Another feature that makes them unique is their modularity: the 20" version can be assembled by screwing two 10" bodies onto a threaded joint; adding grids and felt pads to the joint will allow the 20" body to be filled with two different and separate filter media.


empty filter cartridges
transparent PET body
compatible with DP BIG, 4.5" OD 10" and 20" housings
max working temperature: 45°C (113°F)
min working temperature: 4°C (39.2°F)
compliant for use with drinking water
entirely made in Italy
selected, high quality materials suitable for contact with drinking water
different configurations available
transparent structure for easy control of the filter media
sustainable: the media can be replaced and the cartridge reused